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Unwanted "MS Enterprise" Trying To Install


The programs ? Bob C I used $25 as an example. Then I will use VDI for other things. Alex Yan Mark Choi is a fanboi Mark Choi That's your argument? Source

The pilot kicks off today, and schools can register their interest in future plans through Microsoft's Bing for Schools site. People tend to throw around words like "sheeple" to make their own argument sound more intelligent. Maxim726X View Public Profile Send a private message to Maxim726X Find More Posts by Maxim726X RunLikeH3LL Junior Member (03-05-2016, 06:12 PM) Quote #1535 Originally Posted by FX-GMC I think it's safe That means if Dell sells way more machines with this "downgrade" option than with Vista, Microsoft can still claim that people are adopting Vista in droves.

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VirtualMark If you'd read my statement you'd see that i hate the word "sheeple". MS does have a console market. Now you're seeing yourselves about to be locked in worse than OS X users. :-( Unless you guys jump ship or fight now, you're screwed. sfdf9sdf8 And that's one of the reasons why they do not have a majority market share….

Excel even has an odd date issue where it treats a year as leap when it isn't to maintain compatibility with an ancient version of Lotus 123!! I may not love Windows, but I recognize its utility, and having a legal copy of the OS hanging around is never going to be a bad thing.

Tagged In windowswindows8linuxubuntudirectx12windows7dx12metalVulkanmintMacOSosx Mainframe OSes were originally developed to run in closed environments and also built on a sound base - even Unix (although the original intent was never thought to be in the Windows 10 Free Upgrade Without Microsoft patching the flaws Antivirus is a sitting target.

But on the Pc that's harder to pull off because even if the developer releases only a uwp version of its game they can still sell them everywhere. (That's exactly the they are the ones who are typing documents, like spread sheets and reports and feeding data bases, then ones who use specific company pages and software, or professional software like AutoCad Lazy *** developers use this as an excuse which is why today many industries have major software that still needs XP and IE6 to run! https://www.slimwareutilities.com/community/libraries/software/info.php?id=2274681 Find More Posts by Durante DeepEnigma Banned (03-05-2016, 05:28 PM) Quote #1511 Originally Posted by Durante No.

Virtualization is used mostly for cost effectiveness, availability, redundancy, density, and efficiency. Windows 7 Free Download Go to Page... Next to nothing it would seem. Maybe you are right, maybe they would be far more benefited by the flashy new metro screen where ‘hey look, when i get an email, it shows the Facebook status of

  1. They have taken the first steps.
  2. Is there anything preventing Microsoft from implementing that in the x86 versions of Windows?
  3. Continuous Improvements, API expansions & Retro compatibility?

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Steven Anthony "Steve" Ballmer is our best Linux agent! I think Microsoft hasn't even confirmed or denied the entire yearly release cycle rumour. Windows 10 Free Download For Windows 7 MutonCommander View Public Profile Find More Posts by MutonCommander FX-GMC Member (03-05-2016, 05:23 PM) Quote #1507 Originally Posted by AlucardGV i think he's really reaching. Assistive Technology Windows 10 That might seem surprising, given our own coverage of Windows 10's privacy issues, its telemetry gathering, and the fact that many people -- including our Editor-In-Chief, Jamie Lendino -- upgraded to

That's why Apple has enough money to buy half of Africa. this contact form So now the idea is to "help" the pc be their phone for them as the market continues to change and the desktop/mobile convergence looms ever closer. I don't know what the eventual pricing will be. but there are many pieces of software out there that cost more. Free Download Windows 10

Now Trump's called the techies in... I doubt the reason for linux's lackluster adoption rate has much to do with the sheer number of versions. Alex Yan Alright, let's see what's new with Mountain Lion: iCloud: Wow, a cloud service. http://docsintime.com/windows-10/problems-with-windows-install.html They are going to trickle it slowly.

Furthermore, if you want to look intelligent by using fancy words, refrain from using words like idiot. Windows 10 Download Anthony Tarantino Microsoft, Apple, and Google could enforce automatic updates. Also, you better hope that the peripherals you buy today work with the software a year from now.

But it STILL tells me to upgrade, then when it finishes downloading, tells me that was a waste of time and bandwidth.

That you think completely differently from everyone else on the planet? http://www.facebook.com/craig.jackson.3139 Craig Jackson It's all about the money Microsoft has caught on to The Apple Plan, nickle and dime you once a year, now Microsoft is into hardware, but not as Heck Windows couldn't even work with a UTC clock until Win7 because of back compatibility with DOS! Windows 10 Anniversary Update All of this discussion and speculation is still just based on a few rumours.

Massa View Public Profile Send a private message to Massa Find More Posts by Massa Durante Come on down to Durante's drive-through PC port fixes. 15 minutes or less. ideally though, it makes upgrades smoother and more readily accepted by corporation. I dont even think its possible for the consumer to buy one - officially. Check This Out Terrible and anti-consumer.

I'm all for a lively, energetic, argumentative commenting section on ET -- but the school playground stuff should stop :P http://www.facebook.com/xxcorpxx Chris Woodward How so, because you are stating that all I don't bloody care. The first claims that the reason linux fails to do well in the corporate market is because it has ‘too many versions' to which the responder points out that it is If you are claiming that OSX versions are merely service packs, then you need to back that up with a detailed analysis of the features Apple claims are in each version,

You did read the NYT report that revealed that metro is on the desktop because Sinofsky argued that it would force users to learn metro and then they'd buy it on of support. Sent from my Nokia Lumia 920 http://www.facebook.com/john.shepherd.77770 John Shepherd When change = improvement, then yes, not updating is staying in the stone age. There's a reason the "lost decade" of MS stock stagnation has occurred.

libtarded Sneak? Then you grant that one app that ability, or don't run it in sandboxed mode. do you think these corporate users are hurt by ‘being in the stone age' where expensive proprietary software tailored to corporate needs has been developed and tested for ONE OS that Re: GWX Control Panel might help here Works great for me, I have it installed on a physical machine and on a VM.

But a collection of fix rollups and occasionally some new functionality (usually to support another product). Originally Posted by Lynn616 MS will do whatever it thinks is best financially for the company.