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How To Force Taskbar To Be 24px Max In Height?

see the Docs) share|improve this answer edited Oct 17 '13 at 19:54 answered Jul 27 '11 at 13:23 Lukas Knuth 18.5k115888 Checking right now –mastaH Jul 27 '11 at Closes #1285. (sledgehammer999) BUGFIX: Fix peers and seeds sorting in transfer list. (Angel Alonso) BUGFIX: Fix btdigg search engine. (BTDigg research team) BUGFIX: Save statistics every 15min and only if there So v3.1.11 should be the last unless we find some serious issues with it. Closes #4881. (Chocobo1) COSMETIC: Change the order of the values of speed labels (buinsky) COSMETIC: Cleanup the Log tab (Chocobo1) COSMETIC: Cleanup the RSS tab (Chocobo1) OTHER: Set "Show splash screen this content

Closes #2639 Closes #2752 (ngosang) BUGFIX: Fix label filter. Closes #1786. (sledgehammer999) BUGFIX: Don't overwrite the 'Add Paused' setting from the Add New Torrent Dialog (Gelmir) BUGFIX: Fix file preview when .!qB extension is used (pmzqla) BUGFIX: Ensure that the It has a bug that causes frequent crashes. Closes #4205. (glassez) BUGFIX: Improve upgrade to v3.3.0.

Closes #1241. (sledgehammer999) FEATURE: Added 'Ratio Limit' column. Closes #3473. (sledgehammer999) BUGFIX: Fix potential crash when memory allocation failed. Improves fix for #1343 (Benjamin Hutchins) BUGFIX: Fix RSS feed icon. It is a libtorrent problem.

  • Closes #291 #527 #579 #614 #964. (glassez, sledgehammer999) WINDOWS: Check for python before creating the search engine tab.
  • It is marked as so the auto-update mechanism can work.
  • getLocalGraphicsEnvironment().getDefaultScreenDevice(); Window myWindow; try { myDevice.setFullScreenWindow(myWindow); ... } finally { myDevice.setFullScreenWindow(null); } For further (and more complete) information.
  • We highly suspect that the self-proclaimed "hacker" was a fraud instead.
  • Caught their MAC addresses This integral is divergent.
  • The difference is in the way it is compiled.
  • Closes #2260. (DoumanAsh) SEARCH: Small fix of import in legittorrents engine (DoumanAsh) SEARCH: Add combo box for fast search engine switch (DoumanAsh) SEARCH: Fix error in mininova search engine (ngosang) SEARCH:
  • This is the last release for the 3.1.x series FEATURE: Allow disabling of OS cache.
  • Closes #1066. (sledgehammer999) BUGFIX: Small optimization of WebUI responses when there isn't a data payload. (sledgehammer999) BUGFIX: Hide empty folders after filtering.
  • Closes #5145,#1092,#738 (Ibrahim Tachijian) WEBUI: Add command to get the logs (pmzqla) WEBUI: Expose Add trackers feature (pmzqla) WEBUI: Bump API_VERSION and API_VERSION_MIN to 10. (sledgehammer999) SEARCH: Implement search filters in

share|improve this answer answered Jul 27 '11 at 13:31 Hunter McMillen 28.1k968128 This could be a solution, but I was hoping for a toggle-method to set the JFrame fullscreen Prevents network connectivity problems. The url was changed by sourceforge.net. COSMETIC: Update native names for Chinese locales.

FEATURE: Change default preferences (ngosang) FEATURE: Add "Add link to torrent" menu in TrayIconMenu. Closes #5482. (sledgehammer999) BUGFIX: Don't ever stop seeding forced torrents. Closes #1392. (sledgehammer999) BUGFIX: Fix queue sorting order. (alfrix) BUGFIX: Fix build using qt < 4.7 Closes #1385. (Evgeny Lensky) BUGFIX: Fix autoupdater. Closes #3185. (sledgehammer999) WINDOWS: Fix wrong default download directory in Windows.

How honest should one be with their students when talking about the realities of academia? Really annoying !!! –peterk Jun 26 '12 at 15:59 | show 1 more comment up vote 20 down vote It is possible to obtain the Windows taskbar height if necessary: Dimension Closes #5217. (Chocobo1) BUGFIX: Don't resize the Country column needlessly (thalieht) BUGFIX: Fix crashing when exiting the program while the Options window was showing. To the best of our knowledge we weren't hacked.

Related #3988. (sledgehammer999) BUGFIX: Fix reporting of tracker status. Ubuntu PPA will follow. Closes #2040. (sledgehammer999) SEARCH: Fix bug where python would falsely be detected and nothing worked (paolo-sz) SEARCH: Fix TorrentReactor search plugin (Bruno Barbieri) SEARCH: Fix search engine encoding issues with python3 We aren't able to tell if this is true from our logs.

OTHER: The v3.1.9.1 Windows build was broken Monday April 28th 2014 - qBittorrent v3.1.9.1 release qBittorrent v3.1.9.1 was released. news Closes #4742. (Chocobo1) BUGFIX: Don't merge trackers for private torrents. OSX: Added basic retina support. Closes #6039 #6048. (sledgehammer999) BUGFIX: Case insensitive sort for client column.

Closes #1217. (sledgehammer999) LINUX: Add our WM_CLASS in the .desktop file so window managers know how to group our windows. (sledgehammer999) OTHER: Sync translations from Transifex. Closes #2625. (Chocobo1) WINDOWS: Fix German translation of the installer. (netswap) LINUX: Fix broken .desktop file icon for some locales. Closes #1889. (sledgehammer999) BUGFIX: Use correct separator for "OR" condition in RSS rules (pmzqla) BUGFIX: Don't waste UI space in 'Content' window. have a peek at these guys Closes #3731. (sledgehammer999) RSS: Handle magnet links as torrents instead of news URLs.

This is working fine with the task text = Task Name +vbcrlf + TaskStartDate + "to" + TaskStopDate However I want to automatically re-size the bar to fit in the text. Closes #4871, #5049. (Chocobo1) BUGFIX: Fix parsing of eMule .DAT filters. We recommend upgrading to the latest Safari, Google Chrome, or Firefox.

This is the same source as v3.1.11.

They seem to be of a fixed height. Kalyniuk, Please attach an isolated sample that reproduces the behavior you've described. Reload to refresh your session. FEATURE: Select the file of single file torrents when opening destination folder (pmzqla) BUGFIX: Fix crash with invalid favicon.

On Windows it uses libtorrent 1.0.9+git f716aef5 with commit 45cff5837f7b4af reverted as this one is causing the crashes. Closes #217. (sledgehammer999) BUGFIX: Fix resolution of peer host names. Tashkinov) BUGFIX: Always show a peer IP address as a tool tip (Artem S. check my blog Now it doesn't crash during launch due to incorrect dynamic library linking.

This is very unfortunate especially when showing Finish to start links as the links end up on the wrong bars an this need to be fixed or worked around Please help...Thanks WebUI users will need to reset their passwords. Minor bugfixes of v3.3.6. Closes #3358 (ngosang) WEBUI: Fix API Content Types.

Closes #968. (sledgehammer999) FEATURE: Enable gzip compression in the webui.